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My honest and in-depth Whynter humidor review

This Whynter humidor one of my favorite humidors I have ever owned, and is a great addition to the home or office of any cigar collector. This humidor and cooler is especially convenient for anyone who lives in very hot and dry areas, where a regular portable wooden humidor may not be enough. The summers in my area can be brutally hot and dry and I had lost quite a few of my favorite cigars because of this, even though my cigars were stored properly in my humidor. That is why I decided I needed to get a humidor that could actually hold the temperature as well as the humidity. And after doing a little research, I decided on this Whynter humidor and cigar cooler. Since purchasing this humidor I have not lost a single cigar and have not had any issues with the performance of this little humidor.

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1.2 Cubic Feet Storage Capacity
This humidor and cooler can hold up to 250 of your favorite sticks.

Vibration-Free Thermoelectric Cooling
The thermoelectric cooling system used in this Whynter humidor runs very quiet, and is almost silent, unlike the compressor based cooling systems used in many other common refrigeration units. Another plus to this kind of cooling system is that when cooling it minimizes the drying effect, keeping a more stable and optimal humidity level.

Built In Hygrometer
A beautiful elegant looking hygrometer comes attached to the front of the removable Spanish cedar drawer, which is a convenient spot so you can check your humidity levels without even opening up your humidor. Not only does it look good but when properly calibrated this hygrometer accurately shows the humidity levels in your inside your Whynter humidor, so you can rest assured your cigars are being kept in the proper environment.

Humidity Tray
This Whynter humidor and cooler comes equipped with a humidification tray that can be used with your preferred solution, distilled water, or moisture beads. When filled this tray will keep the humidity levels in your humidor perfect for your cigars which is in-between 65% and 75% RH.

Removable Spanish Cedar Drawer and Shelves
The removable Spanish cedar shelves and drawer helps to maintain the humidity levels, repel insects that can damage your cigars and produces a subtle but complementary aroma. The drawer is also very spacious.

Ajustable Thermostat
This Whynter humidor features an adjustable thermostat with the temperature range of 50F – 66F.

Great Air Circulation
This Whynter humidor also features a quiet internal fan which circulates the air inside of the humidor, which keeps the humidity levels more even through out the inside of the humidor.

Customer Reviews and Scores

You can’t go wrong with this wineador! (5 out of 5 Stars)
By: Justin Glisan
Verified Purchase

Bought mine about two months ago and I’ve been extremely please with the unit’s performance, construction, and build quality. I’ve placed it in my office, which is somewhat drafty … temperature fluctuations were causing problems in my 150-count desktop humidor.

Initial impressions:

When the unit arrived, it looked like it had been dropped from 30,000 feet. The outer and inner packing boxes were dented and torn. The unit itself had a dent in the door. So I requested a replacement from Amazon. Two days later, a pristine unit arrived. So be aware of this.

I removed and performaed a full seasoning of the cedar shelves and drawers using Boveda 84% humidity packets (four in a large storage tupperware) for 10 days — as you would for a regular humidor. I also wiped the interior a number of times with distilled white vinegar and distilled water. This may be overkill, but I wanted to make sure no plastic smell was present. I also calibrated the analog hygrometer using salt and distilled water, even though I have two digital units. I’m also using 65% Heartfelt humidity beads in the container provided.

I started adding cigars about 10 at a time over a week, to allow proper equilibration. I have two 25 count boxes, one 10 count box, and several dozen single.

Two months after:

The wineador is working wonderfully. I actually don’t have it plugged in, as the temperature in the office is about what I want; I will plug it in in the spring and summer. The seal of the door is great. Humidity fluctuations are non-existent. I’m actually using weather station RH/Temp. sensors, as I’m an atmospheric scientist; they allow me to monitor remotely when I travel! I have a wireless switch that can turn the unit on, as I was away for a few weeks over the holidays. It really is a remarkable unit and it looks elegant and classy as well!

Great (5 out of 5 stars)
By: C. Kort
Verified Purchase
It’s been in service for one week so far. I am also using a drymistat humidor humidifier tube. The reading are near perfect. 71% humidity and 67 degrees according to a digital reader. I wanted to store my cigars at 70 degrees but I am not trying to age my cigars just yet, just preserve them in the hot dry southern California weather. This thing does the job perfectly. I did season the shelves with distilled water which helped get it into the ideal zone for humidity. There is lots of storage space in this thing too. You could probably store 3 boxes of cigars or more.

The only thing I didn’t like is that the highest temperature setting is 66 degrees and the humidity cup that you are supposed to fill with water didn’t fit exactly between the shelving slots but wasn’t an issue for me due to the use of the drymistat tube.

EDIT: I took most the shelving out and put more than 200 cigars in. I am fairly certain you can store more than 300 cigars in this thing. And most importantly the temperature control is still accurate according to my ryobi temperature gun.You will just really need to control the humidity well if you plan to fully stock this thing up. I am now using 3 drymistat tubes and adding water to the shelf to get it into the 70% range

The perfect humidor for hot climates. (5 out of 5 Stars)
By: Jeff S.
Verified Purchase
I originally purchased a beautiful Adorini humidor which i still own. Problem is, I live in South Florida and even with the central air conditioning running, I was getting internal temperatures of the Adorini Humidor of 75F this summer. So after exhaustive research I purchased this unit (CHC-120S). First unit came damaged / dented where the rear exhaust vents are located. So I sent it back and Amazon sent me a new one – which came in perfect condition.

I have to tell you, my only regret is i didn’t order the large unit. I never thought I’d actually fill this monster up, but you would be surprised. My temperature is a constant 65F/66F and humidity between the various drawers run exactly where they should – between 68 – 70. I love this thing. I purchased an extra drawer so I have one on top and one on the bottom. I left the center shelf in place so that the air circulation would flow. I also ordered an extra drawer for the very bottom of the unit.

I can’t recommend this enough. Especially if you live in a hot climate.

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At the end of the day whether you are just a casual collector or a true aficionado, this Whynter humidor/cooler is an attractive way to showcase your prized collection of cigars. This humidor is very affordable and is a must have if you live in an area where the temperatures can get extreme.

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