humidors-for-beginners-1024x678 Top 3 Cigar Humidors for Beginners

If cigar collecting is a new passion of yours, then at some point you will need to get yourself a humidor to store all your favorite cigars. A humidor will ensure that your cigars stay fresh, by providing them with an optimal storing environment. In simplest terms a humidor is just a box with a humidifier which is designed to keep proper humidity levels for storing cigars, which is between 65% and 75% humidity. There are many different options when it comes to humidors and they can range from cheap to expensive, quality to crap, fancy to simple. Cigar humidors can range in price from $20 going up all the way into the thousands of dollars. The best beginner cigar humidor should be on the lower side of the price range but, not so cheap that it lacks in quality. You also want to choose one that you like the way it looks, because humidors can last a very long time and you want to make sure the humidor you choose is something that you won’t mind looking at for years to come. With all this in mind I have came up with a list of the top 3 best cigar humidors for beginners.

Once you find the perfect beginner humidor for your needs, you are going to need some cigars to put in it. I myself have been getting all of my cigars for the last 5 years from Famous Smoke Shop, and have never once been disappointed. They have the best prices that I have been able to find, and all the selection I could ever want. If you don’t already have a cigar seller that you like. I highly recommend you checking out Famous Smoke Shop. Best online cigar shop by far in my opinion. Okay, now lets get into this cigar humidor review.

The first on my list is is the Mrs. Brog Cigar humidor. This a small travel humidor that can hold up to 7 cigars. This humidor is for the absolute beginner cigar collector who enjoys the occasion cigar but does not plan on ever storing more than a few cigars at a time. Looks wise this is not really a humidor that you would put on display, this humidor is better suited to being kept in a dest draw or even your sock drawer. Great humidor to take with you places when you might want to enjoy a cigar on the go. This humidor’s case is made of strong aluminum and has a built in hygrometer and humidifier.

The next humidor is the Mantello 25-50 desktop humidor. This humidor is a #1 best selling item on amazon and is a very good price. It hold up to 50 cigars, has a tempered glass top and the interior is lined with Spanish cedar. The inside of any good humidor is always lined with Spanish cedar as it imparts a subtle pleasant flavor on your cigars as well as aids in maintaining proper humidity. While this humidor looks a little plain and simple it is still a beautiful decretive box which would look nice on top of any desk. The front of this humidor features built in hygrometer for easy humidity monitoring. In my opinion this is thee go to humidor for beginners, and a perfect starting point for any new cigar collector.

Last on my list is the Mantello 100, which is basically the last humidor’s bigger brother. This humidor is made by the same company as the last humidor and is basically the exact same humidor but just a little bit bigger. This unit can hold up to 100 cigars, and some of the new features included are a removable tray with divider, as well as a lock and key set to keep your cigars safe.

If your new to collecting and smoking cigars then in my opinion, these 3 options are all great humidors for beginners to consider as their first humidor. Depending on how many cigars you plan on storing will determine which option is best for you. I recommend checking out these 3 humidors as they all are great starting  points for anyone new to the cigar collecting world.

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