Quality Importers Humidor Review – Capri Glass Top desktop humidor

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My Honest Quality Importers Humidor Review

Quality Importers humidors are one of the most popular, best selling humidors for beginner cigar collectors, as well as more serious collectors. The Capri-Glasstop humidor is their smallest and cheapest humidor and is a #1 best seller on Amazon.com. This humidor is so popular because of its low price, but also because of its high quality, its good functionality, and its attractive appearance. Like many other cigar collectors this was my first ever humidor that I bought and it still serves me well to this day, as a great desktop humidor for my office at work.

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This is the perfect starter humidor for the new collector who doesn’t need to store more than 50 cigars. While this humidor can hold up to 50 cigars when completely filled, its better to only keep it half way filled with around 25 cigars for long term storage. The outside of this small desk top humidor has a beautiful mahogany finish that goes well with the design of any room. Like any good humidor this Quality Importers humidor comes completely lined with premium kiln-dried spanish cedar which helps ensure optimal humidity levels and also gives off a subtle pleasant aroma. This humidor has a very good seal which helps keep humidity levels consistent. The tempered glass top is very strong and a nice feature, so you can enjoy looking at your cigars without having to open the humidor. The brass ring around the hygrometer looks very nice and gives this humidor a elegant and classic look. One of the other things that I really like about this humidor is the felt lined bottom, which is soft and protects against scratches, and makes it ideal for putting on any surface even ones that can be easily scratched.

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Customer Reviews and Scores

Far Better Humidor than the Price Would Suggest (5 out of 5 Stars)

By: JPinSB

Verified Purchase

After reading reviews for this and other humidors from the same manufacturer, I expected to receive a good looking box with a malfunctioning hygrometer and a great deal of fine tuning required to achieve the desired humidity. However, after following very simple directions for calibrating the hygrometer (put it in a zip lock bag with a teaspoon of salt and a teaspoon of water for a few hours), the device read exactly at the level expected.

The newly manufactured humidor was a little dryer than ideal (50% humidity) upon arrival, so I followed the manufacturer’s suggestion and placed a shot glass of water in the box, allowing it to season overnight. The humidity rose to the desired (70%) humidity level and has stayed there with periodic charging (a few minute soaking ever week or two) of the element that came with the box. Within a couple of weeks, once dried out cigars that I had stored badly were restored to their original moisture content. The scent of the reconstituted cigars and the humidor’s cedar liner are immediate evident when opening the box. There is no need for any of the other gels, beads or other advertised moisture balancing devices to make this product work exactly as advertised.

The glass top and exterior hygrometer both add interest and functionality to the humidor and are worth the few extra dollars over the more stripped down product versions. If you have a few dozen cigars, this is a very elegant and cost-efficient way to store them.

1st Humidor, best bang for the buck (5 out of 5 stars)

By: ISGod

Verified Purchase

This is my first humidor. Bought this with 1x Drymistat Humidifier Tube; and 1x Quality Importers HygroSet II Round Digital Hygrometer for Humidors; All together it was still a great deal.

Quality of humidor was perfect, tight closing, no nicks/dents, glass was perfect, no stickers as others have mentioned. The built in analog hygrometer fits tightly due to a sticky rubber gasket. Analog works within 5% of the digital. Looks great on kitchen counter. (See pictures below)

While calibrating digital hygrometer, started seasoning. To season, gently wiped cedar with distilled water on damp paper towel. Added Drymistat tube; and shot glass of distilled water. Achieved 72% in 36 hours. Left for 3 days, then added 6 cigars. Working well after 1 month now. Stays around 71%.

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Great product/quality, take your time when seasoning (5 out of 5 stars)

By: Tydog07

Verified Purchase

After reading all 37 prior reviews of this product, here is what it boiled down to for me as this is my first humidor (Capri-Glasstop). I wanted a cheaper, starter humidor that can hold my stash (11 as of right now, cigars). This has/will do that perfectly. I wanted to wait about a week before I wrote a review so I do have some experience with it. When I got it, it was nicely packed, no damage and the hygrometer came pre-installed, mine fit perfectly without any problem of that rubber seal. Although I did have to take it off to calibrate it with the infamous salt test (as you do with any hygrometer), mine was off by about 10% and I fixed it with a flat-head screwdriver. I put it back in and it looks and works perfectly. As far as the humidor itself, it has good materials, the hinges work well, the box has a nice seal. The only problem is that tempered glass sticker that another reviewer mentioned, it’s under the lid and somewhat difficult to take off, but I did so and then used some goo-be-gone to remove the adhesive residue. The humidor doesn’t look cheap at all, just remove the QC stickers and the made in china stickers and you’ll be left with a very nice looking and functioning humidor. The humidifier seems to be working, I put distilled water in it and no issues with it so far. I had to season the box for about 3-4 days, I did wipe it down lightly with distilled water with no problems, so I think you can do that with this particular humidor. I plan to get another form of humidification such as the beads or a tube, I don’t think that the included humidifier will be able to hold the RH for very long without recharges, and I also plan to get a digital hygrometer because they are rumored to be more accurate. The humidifier comes with a magnet so that you can take it out and replace it easily, I originally soaked the whole thing in distilled water before I realized that. Next time, I would consider a humidor that is a little smaller (this is a true desktop humidor) and that doesn’t have a glass top, it’s pretty, but fingerprint and sunlight prone. The wood divider works well and has a very nice fit. If you’re having problems seasoning, let me assure you that it does take a few days, I used the wipe down method and a shot glass of water and the humidifier, the box is very dry (as if should be) when it comes to you in the mail. This humidor deserves 5 stars without a doubt and for the price I paid, what a steal!

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At the end of the day this Quality Importers humidor is a great option for anyone looking for a small desktop humidor. The quality really does exceed the cost and with a few basic upgrades you can have a top of the line humidor for a really low price. If 25 to 50 cigars is all you need to store at a time then this humidor is a beautiful piece for your desktop. I give this humidor 5 out of 5 stars. This was my first humidor and has lasted me almost 10 years and is still in tip top shape. I hope you enjoyed my review on this Quality Importers humidor, and if you are looking for a small humidor similar to this one I would highly recommend this product.

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