Quality Importers Humidor Review – Montegue End Table Humidor

The Montegue end table humidor is made by Quality Importers. Quality Importers is well known in the humidor game for their high quality and affordable humidors. This end table humidor is truly a beautiful piece if furniture, and is my favorite humidor I have ever owned. It fits perfectly next to my couch in the basement (my man cave) and the tabletop is perfect to place my ice cold beer. Be sure to use a coaster though, wouldn’t want to ruin the beautiful exterior finish.

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Quality Importers Montegue end table humidor specifics:

This humidor can hold up to 1500 cigars, which even a year after getting this humidor I am still nowhere near that many cigars.

The Montegue end table humidor is constructed of solid wood with maple veneer, which makes this a very attractive sturdy piece of furniture.

The interior of this humidor is lined with premium kiln dried spanish cedar.

If you plan on buying a humidor this large I highly recommend getting your cigars from Famous Smoke Shop. I have bought most of my cigars from them for the last 5 years, and have never once been disappointed. The always have the lowest prices on the market and have a huge selection to choose from. So if you have a large humidor and plan to fill it up with a wide variety of cigars, your missing out if you don’t get your cigars from Famous Smoke Shop. Okay, now let me get back to the review.

This humidor uses SureSeal technology which is exclusive to Quality Importers humidors and guarantees a proper seal on closure to ensure proper humidity levels are kept inside your humidor at all times.

The top pull out drawn on this humidor includes three dividers, and a lock and key to keep your cigars safe.

This unit does not include a humidifier or hygrometer but I would recommend purchasing the following items to control the humidity in your humidor. They are the same that I have in my unit, and work great for keeping the humidity levels perfect.

Montegue End Table Humidor Pictures:

montegue-end-table-humidor-2 My Montegue end table humidor review

montegue-end-table-humidor-1 My Montegue end table humidor review

montegue-end-table-humidor-3 My Montegue end table humidor review

montegue-end-table-humidor-4 My Montegue end table humidor review

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Customer Reviews and Scores

New Humidor!!! (5 out of 5 Stars)

By: Greg Nice

Verified Purchase

Just recently received The Montegue End Table Humidor from Amazon.com. So far I am very happy with it. Holds humidity very well. Currently I am using the Hydra-LG Humidifier. I just finished seasoning and am now doing my best to SLOWLY fill her up (everyone here obviously knows doing it slowly is very hard.) I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for and end table style humidor.

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At the end of the day the Montegue end table humidor is a sturdy well built quality piece of furniture and is perfect for any cigar collector who is looking for a end table style of humidor. I am very pleased with this humidors performance and appearance and would highly recommend.


pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 My Montegue end table humidor review