little joe travel humidor review

Little-Joe-Travel-Humidor-300x194 Visol Products “Little Joe” Travel Humidor Review

Visol Products “Little Joe” Travel Humidor Review

Summer is here and its time for me to go on vacation. So I decided to do a travel humidor review on one of my favorite pocket sized humidors.

The “Little Joe” travel humidor is perfect for taking a couple of cigars with you on the go. The small size and shape make very easy to keep in your pocket and the strong aluminum case will keep your cigars from being damaged or broken. I first bought this humidor when I was planning a trip to Las Vegas so I could carry a few cigars on me while I wandered the strip and went from casino to casino. It worked perfectly and now I always carry it around with me loaded with one of my favorite cigars just incase.

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Built In Hygrometer
The top lid is made with a built in hygrometer that works well and is very accurate in measuring the humidity levels in this small humidor.

Built In Humidifier
The bottom of this humidor also screws off like the lid and has a built in humidifier, where you can add you distilled water of humidifier liquid, which makes it very easy to just your humidity when you need to.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Love this thing (5 out of 5 Stars)
By: W. Design
Verified Purchase
Love this thing. I have two. The only thing I would recommend is cutting some of the cedar lining that comes in some of the cigar boxes you own, cut a circle out of it and put it over the humidity disk. Having your cigar’s touch this seems a little silly because they will get wet or have a chemically taste in the beginning (depending on if you use distilled water or the 50/50 solution). The humidity gauge is shockingly accurate.

This thing is cool! (5 out of 5 stars)
By: Chad D. Ferguson
Verified Purchase
Simple, effective and durable stainless steel design. Good fit and finish, with a Cohiba “theme”. Maintains proper humidity levels when using solution. This is a great option if you need to keep multiple cigars fresh while traveling. Length: 8″ Diameter: 1.75″. If you’d like to see a video review on this…

Nice airlock humidor keeps my cigars fresh (5 out of 5 Stars)
By: W. Dietrich
Verified Purchase
Great little travel humidor. Holds 3 smaller sized cigars and keeps them fresh. Easy to keep the humidor moist just need purified water. Also keeps the smell inside the humidor. Fits nicely into my front pocket for travel to and from. Could not be happier.

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At the end of the day Visol Products “Little Joe” Travel Humidor is an ideal option when it comes to storing just a couple cigars and can easily be taken on the go. So whether you are going on vacation or have to travel for work I would highly recommend this humidor to keep your cigars fresh and un damaged.

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