cropped-homegrownlogo-1024x238 How to grow your own organic tobacco for cigarettes

roll-your-own-cigarette-300x225 How to grow your own organic tobacco for cigarettes

Growing your own tobacco for cigarettes is a lot easier than you may think. If you live somewhere where you are able to grow tomatoes than you can easily grow a crop of smokable tobacco. When it comes to growing tobacco for cigarettes a lot of the information out there seems to over complicate the process, making it seem like you can’t get a decent product without expensive flue curing barns and other non sense. But the truth is if you get tobacco seeds for plants that are meant for making cigarettes, grow them, air dry them in an environment in which they turn golden brown, and then age it for a few months, you will have a good quality, all natural, smokable product. The following videos are a very good guide on how you can grow your own tobacco for cigarettes. This video guide was made by Youtuber Larry Hall.

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How To Germinate And Start Tobacco Seeds!


Planting and growing your own Organic Tobacco!


Harvesting, Hanging, and Curing you own Organic Tobacco!


How to Harvest Your Virginia Gold Tobacco!


My tobacco garden and when to remove flower heads and suckers!!! Saving seed for next year!

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