Adorini Humidor Review With Video

My Honest Adorini Humidor Review Of Their Chianti Deluxe Medium Model Cigar Humidor

Adorini humidors are great for any collector and are considered to be a luxury brand. While their humidors are not the most expensive like other high end luxury brands, their quality is quite comparable.  I decided to do this Adorini humidor review based on the simple fact that I am really impressed with what this brand has been able to provide in terms of humidors. They give you great value, great construction and overall are just well made, and look great. Their Chianti Deluxe medium model is one of their most popular humidor models and is one of my favorite humidors I have ever owned up to date.

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This humidor is the perfect size for most collectors and has the capacity to hold up to 100 cigars. The outside of this humidor looks very nice in any room with its high-end, high quality, multiple lacquer finish in black. This small cabinet has 3 drawers with a front glass door, which is nice so you can monitor the beautiful gold colored hygrometer from the outside without having to open the door. The hygrometer that comes with this humidor not only looks great but also works great. My only complaint would be that they say it comes pre calibrated, but I did have to calibrate mine when I first got it. My guess is all the movement from shipping must have moved it out of place, because after I calibrated it on my it has held rock solid the times I have checked it. Another great thing about this humidor is that the cedar lining on the interior is thicker and stronger than it is in most cheap humidors. This humidor also includes a gold plated humidifier with adjustable ventilation openings for optimal regulation of keeping proper humidity levels. This humidor also includes dividers, a 22 page humidor guide booklet, and a Life-time warranty.

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Looks great on my desk. Large enough to hold several sizes of cigars. Quality finish. Not a big fan of the hygrometer (I’m used to a digital). Spending $ on a calibrator is well worth it. I’ve calibrated both the analog hygrometer and a digital together. There is still a slight bias between them. Analog looks nice, but I still keep the digital in one of the other drawers.

Hydration vessel is okay. I keep a cigar tube (gel hydrator) in one of the drawers as an added security. I seem to only have to add hydration solution about once a month.

Drawers have nice slats to help circulate air. Cedar dividers fit into these slats and are nice to help segregate brands.

Well worth the $ and through Amazon it was $70 cheaper than any other supplier that I could find.

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At the end of the day this is a great humidor in my opinion. It truly is a high end, high quality humidor with a cheaper price tag. This humidor can hold up to 100 cigars, which is enough for your average collector, and its black neutral color makes it the perfect centerpiece for any room. I give this humidor 2 thumbs up for show. I hope you enjoyed my Adorini humidor review and hope it helps you make an informed decision on you next humidor purchase.

Adorini Humidor Chianti medium – Deluxe

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